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  • If you come to the Mesón Lar Galego you can enjoy this exquisite selection of wines that we have in our cellar.

    Fresh and balanced, with good travel. Intense wild red fruit. With long and persistent end.

    Complex, fatty and with depth. Good acidity that brings freshness and a long finish.

    Light tip of bubble in mouth, sweet and intense step. It presents a very fruity and citrusy retronasal.

    Fresh entry, great step by mouth, unctuous, enveloping and persistent, good balance and long. In retro-nasal notes of citrus and

    On the palate it is fruity but fresh, with an intense vegetable character and exotic notes.

    TASTE PHASE: Fresh, enveloping with a long aftertaste and citrus retronasal.

    It is a balanced and fresh wine.

    In the mouth soft. Glyceric With expression of fresh and aromatic flavors.

    Taste: a slight final bitterness, softness and elegance.

    Palate: elegant, fresh, intense, complex, saline and very expressive.

    The palate is sweet, without being cloying, with a delicate balance between sugar and acidity.

    The palate is very sweet, with volume and a very long finish.

    The palate has good attack, with sweet tannins, quite polished, very good acidity, long and structured with a remarkable fineness.

    Mouth: Powerful and meaty. Balanced throughout the course in the mouth due to its ripe and round tannins. Balsamic memories,

    In the mouth very tasty and juicy, broad and silky input. Good acidity and round tannins. Presences of red fruits

    Palate: Tasty, powerful, fleshy, ripe tannins.

    It stands out for its aromatic intensity (plum, raspberry, cherry) and freshness in the mouth.

    The palate is pure structure, balance and personality, emphasizing the harmony that exists between wood and fruit, wine with soft

    An exquisite blend of ripe fruit and confi ture of red berries, with subtle touches of walnut.

    Intense, with volume, good acidity with pleasant tannins, ripe and long finish.

    Tasty, agile, easy to drink, elegant, harmonious, powerful and friendly.

    Soft attack, followed by an explosion of flavor in his step, which is kind and pleasant. The persistence is long

    Balanced, dense, with body ... adjectives that leave a pleasant sensation in the mouth.

    It is fresh and alive, like a juice of red and black fruits just squeezed.

    Meaty on the palate, with vigorous tannins still young and intense. A nice, fresh and original wine.

    Dense and tasty. With an acidity that balances with the sweet spot of ripe fruit. Long and fresh finish.

    Soft entry that caresses the palate, elegant, sweet and mineral, medium body and good persistence.

    Good entry, balanced wine with fruity notes, plums, jams, velvety, mineral notes, aging notes and oak.

    Intense, fruity flavor, toasted, with round tannins and good finish.

    Powerful, fruity, toasted, intense, with good acidity and long and slightly smoky finish.

    Fleshy wine, well integrated acidity, highlighting a round tannin that provides good volume and persistence in the mouth. In the

    On the palate it is exquisite, honeyed and fruity, with shades of confit fruits that remind us of figs and

    It is a tasty wine, with a generous and final powerful and long step. It has the elegance and intensity

    Elegant and structured in the mouth, where the vividness of the fruit with the oak is maintained, appearing in its

    Expressive, open, powerful and delicate at the same time. With present and subtle tannins, with recognizable character and balance.

    Fleshy mouth, well structured with polished tannin. Balanced with good acidity and long and persistent mouth finish.

    Its palate is soft, filling the palate with exquisite plum and cranberry flavors, with a long and elegant finish. It

    Well balanced and soft on the palate and its balsamic finish.

    The entrance in the mouth is friendly but firm. Tasty.

    It is a wine that combines with everything and that is left to drink very well, perfect for a gift

    Structured, velvety and round, with a very interesting persistence and length.

    Alion is fleshy, complex, intense and elegant. Its genuine, modern and multicultural character make it perfect for pairing.

    The palate is powerful and elegant, well structured and balanced, with toasted and spicy touches peeking from the retronasal. Mineral,

    The excellence and greatness of this red wine will delight the most critical palates. It stands out for its nobility.

    Wine is well structured, highlights the chocolate and very subtly fruit in liquor that adds complexity in the mouth.

    It is a wine of high intensity, with a good structure and a great balance. Very tasty with long aftertaste.

    Powerful entry, with unctuous and complex palate, long and persistent finish.

    In the mouth we can see that the noble woods where it is raised for 12 months, provide it with

    On the palate it is intense, acidity and medium body, with integrated tannin.

    Good journey with fruit memories. With good acidity and fine bitterness

    Voluminous, with menthol touches, white chocolate and vanilla. Memories of red fruit with an elegant acidity that makes the aftertaste

    The palate is enveloping and dense with powerful but round tannin. In the aftertaste, memories of fruit and the acidity

    The palate is broad, tasty, balanced and with a magnificent flavor.

    Powerful and balanced, with a sweet tannin and good structure that make this a very long and pleasant wine.

    In the mouth, friendly pace and mineral flavors, a very bold wine.

    Round and balanced, sweet and silky tannins. Tasty bitterness

    Structured, with great freshness, the fruit returns, mineral and balsamic notes and marked tannins.

    It has a creamy entrance, highlighting its good structure, with its vivid sensation of freshness and the body of its

    Mouth: fresh and voluminous. Good structure, fine bubble and well integrated. Balanced, persistent and elegant acidity.

    Fresh and vibrant with an acid touch and a vibrant bubble in the mouth.

    The palate has a smooth, round and very pleasant entry, with a good constitution and balanced carbonic. Creamy, long and

    The palate is delicate, with a fine bubble and a dry finish.

    Broad and refreshing with notes of compote of ripe fruit and return to the notes detected in the nose.

    Palate: Soft and tonic, aromatic, fruity (red fruits), biscuit, good acidity, balanced.

    Fresh on the palate, with fruity and slightly citrus notes, with a pleasant dry sensation. Generous palate that combines sumptuousness,